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    Offline and Online Keno History

    Keno's popularity is very evident with its introduction online. Keno players begin engaging at online keno because of similar enjoyment and thrill with offline keno.

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    Keno: The History of The Game of The White Pigeon

    Keno started as an ancient game to help raise funds for war. And yet, it continues to be a popular casino game today, 3000 or so years after it was created.

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    Casino Lottery: Keno Playing Tips

    Know the basic strategies for playing keno. Understand keno odds, pay schedules, keno tickets and time limits.

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    A Review of David Cowles' Book "Complete Guide to Winning Keno"

    Players should be careful in purchasing books that they will use as reference when playing keno. One of the books that contain credible and relevant information about the game is 'Complete Guide to Winning Keno.' They should read this because it focuses on learning the mathematics behind the lottery game.

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