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Playing Keno

Keno was invented in China during the Han Dynasty to fund a city's army during war. Today it is a universally played numbers game much like lottery and bingo. It is played in casinos both live and online.

Keno Playing Tips: Study the Payout Scheme

Each casino has its own payout schedule for keno. Payment depends on how much you bet and how many numbers you wager on. You have to find the payout schedule that you are happy with.

Keno Playing Tips: Move Fast

Keno games are like bingo. You have to stay alert. If there's only one skill in playing keno, it's that. If you don't claim your winnings or announce your win before the next round of drawing, you can no longer claim it later.

Keno Playing Tips: Understand How Keno Tickets Work

There are many different kinds of keno tickets. The straight ticket is the most straightforward of these. It would be a good idea to use only the straight ticket if you are only a casual player. Avoid complicated tickets that combine many bets in one ticket.

Keno Playing Tips: Budget Your Keno Bankroll

Because keno has pretty bad odds, it's not a good investment. Therefore if you play several casino games, keno should not get the lion's share unless you really, really want to win a huge jackpot and you love numbers.

Keno Playing Tips: Understand That No System Works

Do not attempt to predict the next keno draw by referring to previous draws. One draw has absolutely no influence on the other! It is one of the first truths you should acknowledge when gambling. There is no such thing as a number being "due to appear."

Keno Playing Tips: Understand the Odds

Keno odds vary widely. The more numbers you play for, the more difficult it will be to get them all right. Consult a keno odds charts before you make any bets. This will help you decide how many numbers to wager for. You might like to bet on 12 numbers, but what if you knew the probably for that is 1 in 478,261,833?

Keno Playing Tips: Make the Right Bets for Your Goals

Why are you playing keno? Is it to win a lottery-sized jackpot? Or is it to win smaller but less elusive wins? If you are dreaming of becoming rich, your bets will have to be different from that of a more pessimistic player who isn't chasing a jackpot.

For a shot at the biggest payoffs, you will have to bet on many numbers. For smaller but more likely wins, you should settle with less numbers on your ticket. The more numbers you bet on, the greater the odds against you and the more money you will win if you hit. But the fewer numbers you wager on, the easier it is to win and thus the smaller the payout. That's the trade-off there.

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Casino Lottery: Keno Playing Tips

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